Getting Started:

Working with Contract Catch

1. Load New Document

To load a new agreement, click on "Catcher" in the top menu. When you upload a new document, you'll also have the option to activate the Plain English Editor.

Contract Catch™ accepts contract documents in Word (.doc, .docx) and Rich Text (.rtf) formats only.

Please be aware that when you load a new document, you'll lose any suggestions made on the previous document.

2. Security & Confidentiality

We understand that both draft agreements and final agreements might be confidential, privileged, or both. We cannot and will not attempt to view or share any part of any of your uploaded documents for any reason.

Our site uses SSL 256-bit encryption to ensure all transactions are secure. The private certificate has been issued via Trustwave Holding, Inc.

3. Expiring Uploads

Uploaded contracts are stored only on our secure server and only for a few moments before they are permanently deleted. On our end, we don't even know that someone is uploading an agreement. No one will ever be able to access any previously uploaded contracts, even in the highly unlikely event of unauthorized server access.

As a result, not even the user can visit the url of a previously uploaded contract.

4. Catcher Editor Options

These options allow you to choose which suggestions will appear on the editor page.

  • Substantive: Potential issues that might warrant research or reconsideration. (On by default.)
  • Errors and Inconsistencies: Suggestions that ensure your agreements are polished and consistent. (On by default.)
  • Plain English: Suggestions to modernize your language. (Off by default.)

Any of these options can also be enabled or disabled by clicking the toggles in the Rule Set Options table in the Editor window after a document has been loaded.

5. View Document

After you've uploaded the agreement, you'll be able to view your document in the browser. The Catcher™ highlights certain language and makes suggestions for improving the language of your agreement.

6. Suggestions

Certain words or phrases will be highlighted with an icon: substantive triggers are in red, errors and inconsistencies are in yellow, and Plain English rules are in green. Click the icon to view the suggestion.

All suggestions will be accompanied by an "Ignore" and "Ignore All" link. If you click "Ignore," the highlighting and the suggestion will disappear. If you click "Ignore All, the rule in question will no longer be applied to your document.

7. Screen Docking

If you would like to compare your draft with the suggestions in real time, we suggest either using two monitors or docking the windows to either side of the screen on a single monitor. You can do so easily in Windows by pressing + , or + on the active window. (That is, press the Windows Key and Left or Right Arrow at the same time.)

If you're using a Mac, you can dock items to the side of the screen by click-holding the green maximize button and then dragging the window to the left or right side of the screen.

8. Printing Suggestions

You have two options for printing a draft with the suggestions: with the suggestions embedded in the agreement, or with the suggestions formatted as footnotes. Click on the standard printer icon () to print with annotated suggestions, or click the printer icon with a superscript number (1) to print with footnoted suggestions.

9. Export Document

Because of the risk of losing formatting, you cannot make changes directly on a draft and then export the document in Word.

10. Subscriptions and Limited License

To use the Contract Catch™ tool, you must be subscribed to the site. The subscription is a limited license for a single user. You can create an account and subscribe here.

11. 7 Day Money Back Guarantee

All subscriptions come with a 7 day money back guarantee. Send us an email within 7 days of creating your account to receive a full refund, no questions asked.

12. Canceling Subscriptions

To cancel your subscription, go to Subscriptions under My Account. From there, click Cancel under Change Details. You can also contact us directly for assistance canceling or modifying your subscriptions.

13. Supported Browsers

The Contract Catch tool works in all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge.) If you experience issues, make sure that you have the latest version.

14. Tracked Changes

Documents uploaded with tracked changes may cause issues with the output in our Editor. To maximize compatibility, accept tracked changes before uploading a document.

15. I've Forgotten My Password

Due to security reasons, we do not have access to any member's passwords. You can reset your password here.

16. Additional Support

If your question isn't answered or you're having problems, please contact us.